Welcome to my website. I am a self taught photographer/digital artist, living in Oregon. After years of working with traditional media - Pen and Ink - I now love to be creative in the digital darkroom, by expresses through photography, drawing, painting and photo manipulation. I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit. Should you have any questions you can email me at becker_51@msn.com.


My favorite part of digital art is the high level of creativity it involves - from the first click of the camera shutter to seeing the results of my imagination and labor as it emerges from the printer. I enjoy every phase of the process as I use my computer as a pallet, the stylus as my brush and the tablet or iPad as my canvas. I use photography as a tool to collect raw material to help me realize the ideas in my mind. Or sometimes the ideas come to me after I capture the image. I draw my inspiration from almost everything about me in my daily life -- in all kinds of things I see or hear. My goal is to make my art look like a realistic photo, painting, drawing or, ideally, a little of all three. Some people look at my art and say that I am an artist, not a photographer while others see me as a photographer rather than an artist. But I think of myself as a digital artist who has found a way to marry photography and drawing to create fine art that everyone can relate to and understand. – David Becker